Alkyd emulsions for stain-blocking paints

ASK Chemicals offers very effective alkyd emulsions for stain-blocking paints with high stain-blocking properties. This makes them ideal for switching from solvent-based to water-based systems without having to compromise on performance. More 

Alkyd emulsions for wood coatings

Our effective alkyd emulsions for waterbased wood coatings are environmentally compatible and feature top-class application properties.  NECOWEL FLE 55 CF is free of cosolvents, VOC and SVOC and especially suited to formulate non-film-forming wood stains and impregnating wood protection. More 

Phenolic resins for can coatings

ASKOFEN R 9600 offers excellent performance and top-class application properties. The high molecular butylated phenolic resin is used as crosslinker for polyester and acrylate resins and offers good compatibility with many other systems. More