[Translate to German:] ASK Chemicals successfully rolls out new release agent for inorganic processes

Highlights: NECOWEL™ FLE 55 SR for water-borne wood stains and NECOWEL™ 700 for high-quality 2-K-PU coatings


At the upcoming European Coatings Show, ASK Chemicals will be showcasing its latest development for waterborne wood stains and high quality stain blocking impregnations.

Wood stains are widely used in the DIY market to recondition wooden terraces or garden furniture. The time of application on exterior wood is limited by outdoor weather conditions, as the stain will be washed out if it starts raining shortly after application. The early water resistance of an applied wood stain can be adjusted by chemical modification of the resin structure, by refinement of the resin formulation and by the selection of siccatives in the wood stain formulation.

NECOWELTM FLE 55 SR is a new generation of copolymer resin emulsion based on vegetable oils. Drying times and early-water resistance of the resin system are improved using a cobalt-free siccative formulation while wetting and penetration properties of the corresponding wood stain remain superior. The very good wetting properties and the low-viscosity resin phase of NECOWELTM FLE products boost the natural wood color enhancement. The appearance matches that of the solvent-based systems, with the advantage that NECOWELTM FLE products are fully VOC and SVOC-free and therefore meet all the requirements for environmental friendliness. The products from the NECOWELTM FLE series are ideally suited to formulating wood stains for inside and out, teak, etc.

Dr. Carolin Wallenhorst, Global Business Line Manager, will host a product presentation on waterborne wood impregnations based on the NECOWELTM FLE series, where she will be presenting the latest developments and advantages of the series. One particular highlight will be a waterborne stain-blocking wood impregnation based on cationic-modified NECOWELTM emulsions with optimum ability to block tannin bleeding into the topcoat.

The presentation will take place on April 23 from 1:50 pm to 2:10 pm in Hall 1, Stand 1-131.

Processing safety, excellent chemical resistance and high gloss

NECOWEL™ 700 is a water-based polyester polyol used in the manufacture of high-quality 2-component polyurethane coating systems. Paints based on NECOWEL™ 700 have a low blistering tendency and can be applied with a high film thickness in one layer. The coatings exhibit excellent weather resistance, no yellowing and good resistance to chemicals and solvents such as graffiti cleaners. Rail and road vehicles acquire a high-gloss finish through the use of NECOWEL™ 700.

The outstanding features of alkyd resins and alkyd resin emulsions from ASK Chemicals are invariably not only the clear advantages they offer for environmental protection and occupational health and safety but also their performance and quality. After all, NECOWELTM products are always adapted and tailor-made to specific customer requirements. Additionally, at ECS 2015, visitors can look forward to new and established solutions for wood stains and impregnation, house paints and high-performing stain-blocking paints.

ASK Chemicals will be displaying its products in Hall 4, Stand 526.